What Is LDPE Film?

LDPE MEANS for low-density polyethylene. A “film” is a piece of plastic much longer and wider than its thickness, which is less than ten-thousandths of 1 inch. All forms of pure polyethylene offer good chemical resistance to non-hydrocarbon chemicals.

Manufacture OF ldpe:
Polyethylene is manufactured from ethylene by using formula H2C=CH2. The molecule’s double bond means it can form a chain with itself, such as

-(CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2)-.This combining process is called polymerization & there are many manufacturer in worldwide.

Properties of Polyethylene Plastics
The length of polyethylene chains and how much branching the chains may have is what determines whether the polyethylene is low density or high density and what its specific properties will be.

Uses of LDPE
For making garments poly bag it is used widely, LDPE has more chain branching, making molecules less able to interact, reducing the rigidity of LDPE, but also making it more resilient and thus useful as a film. LDPE is manufactured into food trays and ice, garbage and laundry bags. It is also used in extrusion coatings and cable sheathing.

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