LLDPE LLDPE Flexible Geomembrane Flexible Geomembrane

conforms to unstable ground retaining high tensile strength and chemical resistance.
Linear Low Density Polyethylene
For containment applications which demand exceptional flexibility while
still maintaining a high chemical resistance and high mechanical strength.
Our LLDPE geomembrane is made of premium virgin LLDPE resin designed specii cally for geomembrane
production along with sui cient carbon black, antioxidant, and stabilisers to have superior elongation, l exibility
and outstanding long-term resistance to puncture.
LLDPE is very l exible which means that the product can be better suited to any site which may have long-term
settlement or unstable ground problems. LLDPE is fusion and extrusion welded on-site.
Flexible LLDPE is available in smooth and textured. The applications include lining and containment, including:
• Resistant to hazardous chemicals
• Ideal for caps and closure
• Primary, secondary lining
• Dam Liners for water (horticulture, agriculture, forestry)
• Chemicals
• Effluent
• Aquaculture
Irrigation Canals
• To prevent water loss from seepage of water for man-made canals.

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