FPP (Flexible Polypropylene) for Containment and Lining

De sc rip tion
Permaliner FPP is a black, high specification geomembrane
manufactured with optimum chemical and physical stability.
Manufactured from polypropylene, Permaliner has excellent
flexibility over a wide temperature range, maintaining
resistance to tear, puncture and weld seam damage. The
wide temperature range (- 40° C to 80° C) allows for many
applications not suitable to other materials.
Flexible Polypropylene has the lowest density of any of the
geomembrane materials providing for easier deployment
of panels as well as the significant benefit of having one of
the lowest water transmission rates of any of the common
geomembrane materials. This makes FPP one of the most
suitable waterproofing membranes available.
Permaliner has excellent UV resistance and retains flexibility
even under extreme fully exposed weathering conditions.
A 2.5% concentration of finest quality carbon with 97.15%
polymer provides maximum protection against photochemical attack.
Permaliner FPP has a very high ESCR (Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance). ESC is promoted by
such factors as chemicals, UV, temperature changes and ground settlement. The long-term flexibility
and UV resistance is one of key reasons Permaliner is easily repaired if damaged, plus it has an extremely
low co-efficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) to help prevent welded seam stress. Note: Permaliner
FPP has superior dimensional stability with a CLTE half that of HDPE and LLDPE. The excellent puncture
resistance of Permaliner FPP out performs other materials including LDPE and LLDPE.
Permaliner is a food grade material (FDA § 177.1210) with an excellent balance of chemical and UV
resistance. It is 100% free of plasticisers, fillers, lubricants and other toxic stabilisers. This makes
Permaliner ideal lining for tanks, reservoirs, horticultural and agricultural ponds and lakes.
Potable Water: Permaliner (all grades) meets AS/NZS 4020:2005 for use in contact with drinking water.
A pplica tion s
Primary and secondary containment lining for a variety of
applications including potable water, fish breeding in fresh
or salt water, horticultural, decorative ponds, lining of earth
dams, sediment ponds. Also suitable for lining effluent ponds
for dairy and pigs (also floating covers for odour control).

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